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Fire Protection for Paint Spray Booths

Paint spray booths are utilized in facilities from small automotive body shops to very large industrial facilities. Not only do most used lacquer and paint products provide a fuel for a fire, the fires by-products can place a much larger danger to personnel in the area of the fire. This application requires a system designed to sense fires quickly, sound alarms to warn personnel in the area and suppress the fire.

Kidde Fire Systems offers a unique approach to fire protection—total system solutions. With this approach in mind, we have established a total fire protection package ideal for a Paint Spray Booth. Listed below are UL Listed Detection, Suppression and Control Systems most commonly used for this type of application.


Kidde Detect-A-Fire® Detectors

Standard-of-the-industry detector functions as an alarm device to sense overheat and fire conditions and trigger an alarm or as a release device to sense fire and actuate the fire suppression system. Rate-compensated for versatility and reset able for economical performance. 


Kidde XV™ Control System

Combining superior reliability and configuration versatility with a rugged, easy-to-maintain design, the Kidde XV manages the detection, suppression and accessories control functions for the Kidde IND™ Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System.


Kidde IND Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

The Kidde IND Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System  offers a design concept to fit any type of paint mixing area. Proven Kidde heat detectors spot the fire in seconds and the system’s control unit sounds the alarm and triggers the discharge of dry chemical into the protected area. Covering more volume with less agent, the system uses either Class ABC or Class BC rated dry chemical to offer the best pound-for-pound fire suppression performance together with superior protection against fire re-ignition.

Ancillary Equipment

Badger Portable Fire Extinguishers

The Badger family of Portable Extinguishers are perfect for all your commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Kidde Fire Systems offers a variety of extinguishers to ensure we carry the right model for your application.